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Curly Hairs – Guide To Curly Haircare

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Curly Hairs

If you have a curly hair then its obvious that you know the struggle is real when it involves caring and styling of your curls. Curly hairs are inherently dry and at risk of frizz but once you discover a routine that works best for you and your curly hairs, you’ll be able to rock with those soft and bouncy curls day after day, Here are is a guide to curly haircare which helps a lot to curly headed ladies.

Curly Haircare Routine

The products and techniques you use will depend a lot on the type of curls you’re addressing. Tighter spirals are usually drier, dense and more responsible for breakage and hair fall than soft waves, you’ll need thicker, more hydrating creams and gels to care for your curls. Conversely, wavy haired ladies should stay away from heavy products that may weigh down their hairs, making it limp, lifeless and greasy.

Start Styling When Hair Is Wet

Many styling gels, sprays, mousses, and other products for curly haired girls are designed to use on wet hair. They penetrate into the hair fibers making them smooth and defining and help in making soft curls.

Blow Dry At Minimum Setting

When it involves curly hairs, it’s always best to skip the heat and depend upon products to style your hairs instead. If you’re in a rush and its necessary to have a blow dry, turn the heat to minimum setting with a low air throw.

Deep Conditioning

Curly hair types often require far more moisture because of their dry nature, additional to your daily hair wash routine and using conditioning sprays, a weekly hair mask can help to repair the damage to your curly hairs eliminating frizz and restoring it to healthy and strong hairs.

Use Heat Protectant

Sometimes you only want to modify your hair style but before you go for the styling make sure to use good heat protectant before using iron hair straighteners, heat protectant is a smooth barrier between your curls and damaging heat, If you want to make sure full protection and keep your hair healthy from being dry and damage, always use detox & repair sprays.

Detangle Gently

Curls and brushes don’t mix, detangle your hairs gently with a wide toothed comb and start your way from the bottom to the roots, always combing gently and separating curls to make sure you don’t loose hairs while combing.

Add Volume To Your Curls

Choose the right and harmless hair gel or a cream for curly hairs and apply it gently from the bottom to the upward direction, apply your curl styling gel, mousse or cream carefully into each strand of your hairs, this can adds volume and definition to your curls leaving them bouncy and exquisite along with shinny looks.

Trim Those Curls

The end parts of hairs suppose to be the thinnest and driest parts, regular trims can help to prevent damage to your curls and split ends, proper trimming can also restore bounce and elasticity in your curls.

Don’t Over Wash

Curly hairs are dry and frizzy, the regular oiling to your hairs will keep them straighter shinny and saturated, less Shampooing can helps your curls with holding more dampness, remaining gentle, smoother, and better. once you do shampoo, ensure to use a shampoo designed for curls which helps to define and detangle your hairs easily. On no shampoo days, try using a dry shampoo just on your roots and scalp and wash with water and a moisturizing conditioner for curls to refresh your looks.

Color, Bleach Or Dye With Caution

When coloring, dying or bleaching your hair be careful about the ingredients, the process can be extremely harmful for your hairs, so it’s not recommended but it’s definitely possible to color your hairs and maintain healthy curls, In any case, make sure you are doing a final wash after dyeing your hair to clean out any silicone or a harmful chemical remains n your hairs and then moisturize with a good hair mask that contains protein.


Once you identify your curly hair type, you’ll better choose the products and styling techniques that will help you with the look and texture of the curls you want. Finding a perfect curly haircare routine that works for you involve a little bit of trial and error. 

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