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10 Ways To Grow Long Hairs

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Grow long hairs

Are you interested to know how to make your hairs grow faster, you’re in the right place. Our rate of hair growth is influenced by many factors, including genetics, over styling and an occasional iron count. Here are 10 ways to grow long hairs faster and stronger than ever.

Cool Down

Heat styling can break and damage your hair more likely. If you regularly get blow outs or use a curling or straightening iron or hot comb, your hair might not grow as quickly as you’d expect. If you need to use heat, then take care of the following tips under mentioned.

Apply heat protectant first.
Work quickly so heat effects your hair very minimal.
Use the good setting of your device & don’t use it daily.

Let Wet Hair Dry

Wet hairs are super stretchy. If you sweep it when it’s dripping, you’ll break strands or damage the hair cuticles. Using heat tools on wet hair can create bubbles within the hair shaft, making it extra fragile. If your hairs are straight, then let it air dry first, then comb gently with a wide tooth comb. For curly hair, comb gently with a wide tooth comb while it’s slightly wet.

Take Care With Color

Bleach or any chemical hair treatments can permanently weaken your hair, so it’s more likely to interrupt the growth of your hairs. If you select a hue not too off from your natural color,  you’ll need less damaging peroxide. Always try test dye before applying to your hairs.

Meds Can Help Or Hurt

Minoxidil is a very important medication that may helps to stop your hair fall and even regrow hairs you’ve lost, but the down side is you have to continue using it to stay up the results. Recommended medicines to treat hair loss including spironolactone and finasteride. Hair loss could also be a side effect of some medicines, including beta blockers and amphetamines. Consult your doctor about alternatives if you are loosing hairs during the use of such medications.

Get A Trim

How a haircut helps your hair growth? after you get a trim, what comes off is that the ends, the weakest parts of the strands, those ends could break or split, split ends can travel up your hair shafts and make your them even shorter, Just don’t cut an excessive amount, if growth is your goal. Your hair grows about 1/2 inch a month, so make your aim for a 1/4-inch trim every 3 months roughly.

Don’t Lose Weight Quickly

When you want to loose some pounds, ensure your hair doesn’t lost them, even as stress can trigger hair loss, so can sudden weight loss, for instance, if you don’t get enough protein, your body will use what it can get and hair growth becomes slow. When your nutrition returns to normal, it’ll grow back again, but it’s far better for you and your hair to follow a healthy slower paced diet plan.

Extensions And Braids

Wearing extensions or braids may look a sort of a handy shortcut to the long locks you’re craving, but don’t use them for over 2-3 months at a time and never pull them out yourself. It can harm your hair and scalp. If it hurts when your hair is styled into extensions, braids, weaves, or cornrows then they’re too tight and can damage your hair, so always take this into your consideration when using such items. 

Handle With Care

If your hair breaks easily and quickly, they need your extra care, as an example, black hair tends to be fragile don’t over wash Just get it on enough to get rid of dandruff buildup, that may be weekly or every other week. If you want to relax your hairs, visit a professional. Be sparing with touch ups only, do it only about every 2-3 months and only to the new hairs. You can also treat your hair with hot oil treatment every 2 weeks.

Stress Less

Serious stress can seriously damage your hairs, it can also stop or delay hairs to growth, it should put you at higher risk for a condition called alopecia, where your own system attacks your hair follicles. It could also result in trichotillomania, a powerful urge to drag out your hair. Your hair might grow back once you reduce the strain in your life or find your ways to manage it.

Give Yourself a Massage

A few studies has shown that regular head massages might helps to hair growth significantly. We’d like more research on this, but massages are known to relieves stress which can contribute to hair loss. Besides, they feel great. Try a scalp massaging tool. Or gently press, stretch, and pinch your own scalp for several minutes everyday.


When you’re trying to grow your hair stronger & longer you should try all or few of these tips as per your need. Hair grows about six inches annually on the average as per the American academy of dermatology association, but often times that growth looks like minimal especially when many of us are losing 50-100 hairs daily.

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