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Skincare Routine – De Puff Your Face

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Skincare Routine

Facial tools helps in rejuvenating and de puff your face and relaxes and soften the facial muscles, while naturally contouring and stimulating collagen production within the skin which successively increases the elasticity of the skin. We’ve made a list of skincare routine which may be easily used for de puffing the face. Here are 10 facial DIY to de puff your face.

Check Your Diet

We have to understand that alcohol, caffeine and customary salt which can cause dehydration and increase in puffiness and bloating of the face, both caffeine and alcohol also disturb the healthy sleeping patterns, which also cause puffy faces within the morning, so put a strict check on your intake of those substances.

Jade Roller

Another common facial tool within the skincare routine is that the jade roller which may be a perfect savior for stressed and dull skin. Once you use the roller gently on the face in an upward direction, it reduces puffiness and drains out the toxins which can cause dullness of the skin.

Sculpting Bars

These are almost like jade rollers but with more benefits, these are battery operated and vibrate as you apply them on the skin, this tool can also helps you to de puff your skin and also reduce premature aging signs and sagging. Sculpting bars can also be used with face creams and face oils to allow them to penetrate deeper into the skin layers.

Gua Sha

This is one amongst the foremost popular facial tools for getting that perfect jawline. The skin feels firmer and brighter because the gua sha presses the proper pressure points resulting in lymphatic drainage while sculpting the jawline. The tool relaxes the skin and causes de puffing within some minutes, and is good for relieving muscle tension and improves blood circulation.

Ice Globes

Ice globes are simple way to de puff your skin & it is less messy, use the ice cubes directly to your face skin, these cubes de puff the skin while relaxing facial muscles, it reduces acne, soothes the skin and reduce headache.

Derma Roller

This facial tool helps to cut back the signs of aging like the sagging skin, fine lines and it also increases the blood circulation, It also ensures the facial massage by relaxing the facial muscles and de puffing the skin, this tool can be use for all the skin types in effective de puffing the face.

Use Ice Cubes For A Massage

We don’t seem to be unfamiliar the utilization of ice cubes for massaging the face during facial sessions, ice cubes work magically over a puffy face. Use the cubes to massage on the affected areas and you’ll be surprised by the results.

Changing The Sleeping Position

If you’re someone who sleeps well on the stomach or on the side, then you’ll must change your sleeping position, sleeping on your stomach can cause a rise within the fluid retention and puffiness within the face. Always sleep on your back, this easy trick can allow you to awaken less swollen.

Hydrate Regularly

The most important thing to try and do which may reduce the puffiness all at once is to stay yourself well hydrated. The puffiness will naturally reduce after you hydrate yourself. You should use hydrating products on your skin to scale back the bloating but the most effective ways to stay hydrated is drink a lot of water daily at regular intervals.

Face Massage

Face massage with essential oils and tools like face rollers or gua sha, can work well for de puffing your face. It enhances the blood circulation within the face by stimulating lymph nodes which causes lymphatic drainage, this positively effects collagen production resulting in better blood circulation and lowering facial bloating, you can refrigerate the facial tools and use them cold on your face for better effects.


You can try any or a mixture of the above mentioned tricks to de puff your face. We also recommend you to visit your dermatologist before adding a new beauty tool to your beauty & skincare routine.

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